Sep 08


A few weeks ago, I got off tour with PUJOL and decided to clean my months-neglected living area. I quickly became distracted by the instruments and recording gear strewn about. Two weeks later, my space was tidy, and I had a NEW QUICHENIGHT tape, birthed into existence by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes (mixing/mastering) and Travis Atkinson at Strangebird (recording/mixing of “Tommy Tune”). The end-product, Room Temperature, comes out September 27th as part of the Cassette Store Day festivities. You can also get digital versions everywhere you’d expect that sort of thing. 

Quicheheads, for now, can pre-order the whole thing and stream/own “Blind With Purpose” over at the Quichenight bandcamp e-lounge. Pour yourself a quichetail and bask in the savory scent of this fresh batch of tunes. You won’t be sorry. 

Jan 07

Quichenight’s next single. Switching gears a bit. There’s a whole album like this. 

Feb 04

Quichenight III has been pumped into the Soundcloud. 

Jan 04

Quichenight III escapes this Wednesday →

The third chapter in the Quichenight Trilogy is up for streaming . Blue cassettes in vintage black cases will be available Wednesday. Nashvillians can come hang out at Dino’s on 1/9 to hear us play some tunes.

Oct 15

"Skronky garage pop tunes from Nashville. 30/100. Red c33 cassette. Out now on Sturdy Girl records." →

Aug 18

Quichenight opens for Archers of Loaf tonight at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. 

Remember this one?

Aug 02

Low-budget music video for “Infinity Bends,” track 2 off Quichenight II. 

Aug 02

Nashville: Quichenight II release party this Friday at The End. →

Jun 21

A little clip with Ashley Richardson, who directed the “L.A. Time” video. 

Jun 07

Video for “Rock and Roll Thing,” first single off Quichenight II, due out July 2012 on Sturdy Girl Records.